by Milla Koistinen

Premiere on the 23rd of June 2012 | bat-studiotheater | Berlin

We choose what we want to remember, when everything else has been dismissed or forgotten. Our memories are inaccurate, possibly even false, yet we rely on them. In the utopia of having no memories nor a past which we could trace back, what would be left from us?In this creation we have focused on different aspects of memory and memories. Lacuna is a fragmented journey in a space where collective and individual memories overlap. The blind spots of memory create temporary emptiness, where the only concreteness lies in  the body.


Concept and choreography: Milla Koistinen
Creation and performance: Elmer Bäck, Markus Pesonen, Milla Koistinen

Music and sound design: Markus Pesonen, Elmer Bäck

Costumes and set design: Miriam Marto















Photos: Lennart Laberenz